• Это изображение Advanced Energy Efficient Solutions
    Recuperation, adiabatic cooling, fans with EU motors, unique control algorithms etc. will save up to 84% of the cost of ventilation, heating, air conditioning.
  • Это изображение Unique service program
    We solve any arising issue within 24 hours. We change the failed detail FOR FREE and only then we carry out the examination determine the cause.
  • Это изображение Advantages of working with Eurovent
    A wide range of manufactured equipment and designs; Accessories of the best world manufacturers; Unique service program; Own Development Center; The possibility of creating a non-standard equipment for the customer's tasks.

Это изображениеEurovent - energy-efficient climatic equipment

Eurovent is a Russian company, the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient climatic installations, which allows reducing operating costs for ventilation, air conditioning and heating by 84%.

The company has its own Laboratory and Development Center, on the basis of which projects of any complexity are implemented from the development stage to the release of the product. Engineering staff involved in the development consists of 30 people.

Clients' interests of is our main reference point. Therefore, we are actively engaged in the issue of increasing energy efficiency and development of equipment for special operating conditions.

We offer:

  • unique equipment for special operating conditions: Northern, Explosion-Proof, Marine, Medical, Seismic, etc;
  • honest guarantee for the equipment;
  • the best energy-efficient solutions in climate technology.