The "Eurovent" plant (founded in 2001 in Togliatti, Samara region) is an effective RUSSIAN production of European quality climate control equipment .

The main objective of our production is the output of high-quality products in a short time.

"Eurovent" plants are equipped with modern machine tools and mechanisms from Switzerland and Italy.

In the production of climate control equipment "Eurovent"  uses components only of the best world manufacturers (Arosio, Pro-lam, Ebm-Papst, Nicotra, Sest-luve, Klingenburg).

The technical control department of "Eurovent" plant performs 100% control at all stages of production: from the receipt of materials and components at the warehouse (entrance control) to checking the output parameters of the equipment before shipment to clients (exit control). All the remarks that arise during the monitoring phase are worked out by the technical control according to "5 Why" principles. Thus, the probability of their occurrence is excluded and we can guarantee high quality of the products.

At the plant was introduced Business Continuity Planning system, which determines the steps and areas of responsibility in the event of unfavorable conditions in the supply chain. Thus, we guarantee that your order will be executed on time.

To ensure the proper quality and timeliness of delivery, there is a plan to prevent and analyze the risks associated with the production equipment and production process.

In 2015, our company successfully passed ISO 9001 quality system certification.

Production  of the "Eurovent" plant is successfully used throughout Russia and EEA countries. Objects.

List of equipment produced at the "Eurovent" plant:

• Energy-efficient air-supply and air-supply-and-exhaust units of the "Climate" series and "Expert" series with air consumption of up to 240 000 m3 / h. Versions: general industrial, medical, explosion-proof, northern (below -35 °C), outdoor, etc.;

• Central air conditioners "Climate" and "Expert" series with cooling and adiabatic humidification;

• Air-supply units with gas-heating modules ;

• Intelligent equipment control cabinets, which  provide full automation of equipment operation and protection of all systems from emergency situations;

• Water mixing regulating units ;

• Rooftops;

• Air heating units;

• Air-heat curtains

Dear partners! We will be happy to see you in our plant.