"Eurovent" is a Russian manufacturer of energy-efficient climatic equipment. At the intersection of advanced engineering ideas and the best world solutions,  we make climatic equipment since 2001 that can reduce operating costs to 84%. Our driving force of innovation is our customers' interests. Constant information exchange between our employees, customers and suppliers allows us to optimize continuously the equipment in production.

For us, energy efficiency is inseparable from quality, therefore we use components only of the best world manufacturers, most of which run the production in the territory of the Russian Federation.

"Eurovent" central air-conditioners operate on more than 3000 objects throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. We are recommended by more than 100 largest Russian companies, such as Rosneft, Transneft, PJSC LUKOIL Oil Company, PJSC SIBUR Holding, PJSC UAC, Roskosmos State Corporation, Rostek State Corporation, JSC Tander as well as international companies, such as: Schneider Electric, Henkel Group, Magna, Hyundai and many others.

On the basis of "Eurovent" engineering center, a unique for the Russian Federation "Energy Efficiency Laboratory" has been created. The laboratory allows developing advanced and often unique energy-efficient solutions. The development is conducted in close cooperation with the partner university –  "Togliatti State University". We are ready to implement the most ambitious projects from the concept development stage up to the product release. Engineering staff involved in the development consists of 30 people.

A consistent approach to the development of the product line allowed the creation of a unique set of climatic equipment:

• General industry

• Medical

• Northern

• Explosion proof

• Seismic resistant

• Marine

• Compact

• Rooftop

"Eurovent" is an expert in the field of energy efficiency and a reliable partner in the supply of equipment for ventilation, heating and air-cooling.

Our mission is the successful development of our company as the leader in the production of highly efficient, advanced and environmentally friendly ventilation solutions for our customers.

Our history in dates

2001 – Start-up of production of round air ducts and shaped products according to SPIRO Swiss technology for the installation of ventilation systems.

2001-2002 – Start-up of production of rectangular air ducts using the Euro-bus H and P classes for ventilation and air conditioning systems.

2002 – Start-up of production of network equipment for ventilation systems : channel fans, heat curtains, air intake grids and distribution grids, valves for various purposes etc.

2004 – Start-up of production of frame type central air conditioners with the use of European components (Spain, Germany, France, Italy), automatic control system (ACS) and mixing units to them.

2005 – Start-up of production of pre-insulated PPU pipelines for external heat supply in accordance with Finnish technology.

2006 – Active development of regional sales network took place. Representative offices of the company opened in Ufa, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Samara and Saratov.

2007 – The manufacture of central air conditioners of medical and northern version was launched and certified.

2008 – A new workshop for the production of central air conditioners was put into operation.

2009-2010 – The geography of supplies is actively expanding; the company steadily increases production volumes.

2011 – A strategic policy for the development of energy efficiency of the produced equipment is defined. A new series of energy efficient central air conditioners "EXPERT" is developed. Production of central air conditioners of explosion-proof design was launched.

2013 – Start-up of production of central air conditioners with nozzle humidification and emergency air-supply plants on a diesel drive. The line of "Climate" central air conditioners has been modernized. The geography of "Eurovent" representatives’ presence has expanded.

2014 – Start-up of production of central air conditioners in explosion-proof version.

2015 – Start-up of roof version of climatic installations: Rooftop, Roofvent.

2016 – A unique in the Russian Federation "Energy Efficiency Laboratory" has been created. The product line has been replenished with small-size installations, the air and heat curtain line has been updated.

2017 – A new program for the selection of central air conditioners "Eurovent-online" was launched.