Control cabinets and automatics

Switchboard equipment and automatics

Description, scope

Control cabinets and control panels (CCs, CPs) are used for complex control, protection and monitoring of central air conditioners operation, as well as  air-supply-and-exhaust  ventilation in various configurations, in manual and automatic operation modes.

Control panels of ventilation systems are used to create a comfortable microclimate inside production and public buildings, shopping centers, offices, warehouses and logistics centers.

Ventilation automation controllers can be used not only to control the ventilation equipment, monitor ventilation, air cleaning and conditioning, but also to perform an energy-saving function which helps saving on heating considerably.

In addition to the function of starting and stopping a fan motor, air-supply-and-exhaust control cabinets provide protection of the fans' motors from overheating and overloading, monitor correct function of power and control circuits and operability and serviceability of sensors.

Our company develops and manufactures control cabinets for ventilation systems, engineering network systems and whole technological processes of air preparation and thermal control.

Distinctive features:

Operation modes are controlled by freely programmable controllers, which make it possible to control all operational processes of central air conditioners and the whole installation and to organize centralized dispatching station for monitoring and controlling several installations.

Eurovent PA uses controllers of leading manufacturers for the automation of its ventilation systems: Segnetics, Carel, Danfoss, Siemens.

Control cabinets based on these controllers allow solving both standard tasks and individually developed tasks according to technical design specifications of design organizations and provide:

  1. Maintaining the set temperature and humidity;
  2. Control and display of the  "return" water temperature;
  3. Maintenaning the set temperature of "return" water in standby mode.
  4. Three-stage-protection of heat exchangers (air temperature in the channel, return water temperature, air temperature in the heat exchanger zone);
  5. Monitoring and protection of electric motors of fans;
  6. Monitoring the belt break of the fan motor;
  7. Control and protection of air damper actuators;
  8. Protection of the circulation pump;
  9. Filter plugging control;
  10. Self-monitoring of main circuits of the cabinet electrical schematic;
  11. Display of alarm conditions;
  12. Protection against short circuits, overloads, overheat  of electric motor windings;
  13. Disabling ventilation system by the signal from fire alarm;
  14. Transmission of data about the system state to dispatcher's console;
  15. Manual selection of operating mode "Winter/Summer";
  16. Discrete or proportional-integral control of the water heater valve electric drive;
  17. Three-stage protection against the water heater freezing.

All control cabinets of Eurovent PA are tested for operation in both nominal modes and with emergency alarms simulation. For this purpose, we have developed a test bench, which allows ensuring high reliability and efficiency of the whole equipment.